Jolt Opens Second Seed Round After Successful First Round

Dublin, Ireland – JOLT GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITED has opened a new investment round for both private and institutional investors with the target of raising €3.5 million to fund its first city charging park in 2020.

The business, which has been privately funded by its industry experienced founding team, in cooperation with strategic partners is moving forward with plans to deploy its network of urban high-powered chargers (HPC).

The city charging park is a key first step in JOLTÕs plan to electrify European and North American cities with its MerlinOne EV fast-chargers. The charging park will provide the template to scale the business to additional cities.

The funding will give JOLT the resources needed to round-off its charger development, ensuring the chargers can be serially manufactured for large scale production.

Additionally, JOLT will begin development on its MERLIN i.Q. platform, which will be the IT-backbone of the entire network, controlling everything from charger status to logistics and customer engagement.

JOLT is currently in discussion with a number of European cities regarding the location of the first and subsequent city charging parks. This will depend on e-car density but more importantly the support of city authorities securing subsidies and agreements with site owners and infrastructure partners.

August 12, 2019