Our Green Energy Concept


Living sustainable is a vital for our planet’s future. We believe that small steps are the key. This is why our chargers are powered by renewable energy

100% renewable energy in our ultra-fast charging network

By implementing renewable energy in the charging infrastructure, businesses and cities can further reduce pollution and their overall carbon footprint by lowering greenhouse gas emissions from both the vehicles and the power plants

JOLT's charging solutions are smart

Using renewable energy to power the EV charging infrastructure eliminates the strain on the grid and the environment simultaneously. JOLT´s charging network can help to stabilise the electricity grids & integrate renewable energy

JOLT is a green and sustainable technology revolution

As our company grows, there is a simultaneous positive impact of reduced CO2 on the environment. Maximising sustainability is a key value for the team at JOLT and its partners

OUR sustainable Promise

JOLT’s promise is a cleaner environment by supporting clean air in our towns and cities

JOLT’s sustainable mission is to accelerate the transition to e-mobility

JOLT’s vision is an ultra-fast charging network in cities worldwide, where all EVs can be charged with renewable energy