Frequently Asked Questions


For Customers

You can write us an email at or call us at +49 89 4011 4011 0

It is our goal to build a fast charging network for urban drivers.

You can find our current locations on our Charging Map:

We’re constantly rolling out new locations.

JOLT chargers fall under the ultra-fast charging category with a maximum charging power of 350 kW. However, your car model and battery condition affect charging speed. Your car will automatically choose the optimal charging speed that won't damage the battery.

At JOLT, we're revolutionizing the electric vehicle charging experience by bringing ultra-fast charging downtown. Our promise to urban drivers is simple: charging made as easy and fast as filling up. JOLT is committed to providing a reliable and convenient charging experience for electric vehicle owners.

Ad-hoc payment is available by scanning a QR code on the charger at a price of 79 cents per kWh. Most charging apps or cards are accepted with pricing depending on your provider.

You can pay by scanning the QR codes on our chargers and then using your PayPal or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). You can also use an app or charge cards by other charging providers.

You don’t need to install an app; you can use most existing charging apps you already use or alternatively pay by scanning the QR code.

You don’t need a charge card; you can pay by scanning the QR code on the charger. You are of course free to use charging cards from many other providers.

JOLT chargers are compatible with most car models manufactured after 2020, which are capable of being DC charged through a CCS 2.0 cable.

JOLT supports a sustainable and carbon neutral future. You can get more details on our sustainability page.

Yes, both our chargers and your electric vehicle are built to withstand these conditions. We do, however, recommend bringing an umbrella or a raincoat 😊

For Site Partners

Becoming a JOLT Site Partner means letting us install one of the most modern ultra-fast charging systems on your site. We will do this at our own cost and without any hassle for you. In return, you will receive not only a profit share, but also the benefit of improving your image while increasing the customer traffic at your location.

There are many benefits to partnering with us. For example, you attract new and existing customers to your location by providing them with one of the most modern charging experiences available today. You will also be underscoring your environmental image and receiving a profit share for the use of your site.

If you have a well located site in an urban area of the EU or North America and would like to do something positive for your customers and the environment, please contact us.