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We believe in the power of change. We recognize that a reliable and widespread fast-charging infrastructure is a crucial element in driving the energy and mobility transformation forward. As a pioneering charge point operator, we are leading the way in European and North American cities with our ultra-fast charging technology. Join us as we redefine urban mobility, one charge at a time.


As professionals with backgrounds in automotive, power engineering, IT, DOOH, urban planning, renewable energy and sustainability management, we possess extensive international experience and knowledge that uniquely positions us to tackle the challenges of urban fast-charging world-wide. By leveraging our collective expertise, we are able to develop innovative solutions that help to address the growing demand for reliable, efficient, minimally-intrusive and high-speed charging in urban environments.

Maurice P. Neligan

Chief Executive Officer

Roland Gersch

Vice President Technology

Ingvar Ersson

Vice President Sales

Johannes Nussbickel

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Winter

CEO JOLT America

Robert Greeley

Chief Operating Officer


In 2018, CEO Maurice Neligan and his co-founding partners Ingvar Ersson, Frank N. Beicken, Michael Winter and Hans Kurt von Wilmowsky embarked on a transformative journey that had the potential to reshape urban mobility. With their extensive experience in the power business as well as the automotive and OEM industry, they foresaw a seismic shift in transportation. The diesel scandal, climate crisis, escalating noise and air pollution, and the congestion plaguing urban centers led to an undeniable conclusion: the era of combustion engines was nearing its end.

"From day one, JOLT's primary focus has been on bringing fast charging to urban areas. We are driven by the desire to provide a practical solution for the electrification of urban transportation. It's what motivates us in our daily work."
Michael Winter
CEO JOLT America
Recognizing that building electric cars alone would not suffice, they identified the crucial missing piece: a robust charging infrastructure capable of supporting the growing number of electric vehicles flooding the market. JOLT Energy was founded on the simple yet powerful idea that an urban fast-charging network would be key to resolving the mobility challenges faced by metropolitan areas. While ideas are one thing, transforming them into action is an entirely different story.

To overcome the obstacles ahead, the visionary team tackled the limitations of adequate space in cities and the constraints posed by existing grid infrastructure head-on. Teaming up with manufacturer ADS-TEC Energy in Nürtingen, they conceived a revolutionary product: the MerlinOne charger. This groundbreaking innovation combined battery storage, functioning as a power bank, with a charger boasting an astounding 300 kW output. Enhancing the charging experience, the partners added two high-resolution LED screens, transforming the chargers into dynamic communication platforms. This pioneering approach promised to revolutionize the electrification of urban mobility and address the pressing needs of cities worldwide.

Knowing they couldn’t achieve their vision alone, they began building a network of seasoned professionals and forging partnerships with site owners and service partners. Meticulous preparation was undertaken for the deployment of thousands of MerlinOne chargers across Europe and North America. Their company structure was designed for rapid scalability, poised to meet the demands of a dynamically changing landscape.

Yet, like any ambitious startup, financing posed a significant challenge. After exploring various avenues with small-scale investors, they recognized the need for a deep-pocketed partner to fund the rapid growth of their fast-charging network. In 2022, amidst a challenging setting characterized by the Ukraine war, the energy price crisis, and the volatile economy following the global pandemic, the stars aligned. Fast charging gained recognition as the missing link in urban infrastructure, capturing the attention of multiple institutional investors. Undeterred by the circumstances, the management team rose to the occasion, successfully closing a significant investment round with Infrared Capital Partners in May 2023, securing over 150 million euros.

By this time, JOLT had already established 15 charging sites in major cities in Germany, laying the groundwork for expansion. The demand for fast charging was palpable, and the pieces of the puzzle were falling into place. The time for acceleration had arrived, the urban fast charging market had reached a turning point. With an increasing number of cars offering faster charging speeds and the imminent rise of electric vehicles, JOLT found itself at the forefront of building the future charging infrastructure. Two crucial limiting factors, namely space constraints and insufficient grid capacity, needed to be addressed. Through JOLTs technological solution, these challenges were overcome, paving the way for an accelerated transformation. In the upcoming years, JOLT envisions an ambitious plan to construct a vast network of thousands of fast chargers, commencing in Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States. Our mission is to capture the bustling downtown charging market in cities across Europe and North America, revolutionizing urban mobility one charging station at a time.

And so, the JOLT story continues. With a solid foundation, ample resources, cutting-edge technology, and a passionate team, JOLT is poised to revolutionize urban mobility. The vision that began as a mere spark of inspiration now eagerly awaits its unfolding into reality.

The journey towards a greener, more sustainable future has just begun, and JOLT stands ready to lead the way.

Company Milestones


Founding of JOLT


Concept for Mobile Charging


Launched Prototype System


ChargeMyCity Campaign

March 2022

First charging station in Hamburg installed

May 2023

Completion financing round


Market entry Netherlands, USA, market ramp up Germany