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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring fast charging downtown, providing convenient, easy-to-use and accessible fast-charging services for e-cars in major European and North American cities


The success of e-mobility will depend on competitively priced E-Cars, better model selection, longer driving range and most of all the widespread availability of real fast-charging options


Our promise is to quickly develop a network of urban fast-chargers, giving drivers the access and confidence to embrace e-mobility while ensuring transparency in pricing, locations and availability

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Coming from Automotive, Power Engineering and IT – it was a natural fit for us to apply our extensive international experience and knowledge to the challenges of urban fast-charging

Maurice P. Neligan

Frank N. Beicken

Ingvar Ersson

Marcus Jentsch

Roland Gersch


In the future, we’ll no longer drive to refuel, we’ll refuel where we are. This trend is being driven by emissions regulations, the demise of combustion engine cars and high-tech innovation. We’re embracing this energy transition by ensuring the infrastructure and enabling-technologies are in place.
We want to guarantee its success. If this sounds like your goal too – get in touch!

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Maurice Neligan
Chief Executive Officer

Maurice Neligan is the Founder and CEO of Jolt Energy. He has 25 years experience in the automotive and power engineering industries, both in North America and Europe.

Maurice has held a wide range of senior management positions with companies like Siemens, Continental and Volkswagen Groups, holding both P&L positions as well as leading corporate business functions.

He grew-up in Dublin, Ireland, where he studied economics and business studies at University College, Dublin. He currently lives with his family in Munich, Germany.

Frank N. Beicken
Vice President Sales

Frank Beicken is founder and key driver of business development strategy at Jolt Energy. He has over 30 years experience in the electrical engineering industry in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Frank has held a wide range of senior management positions with companies like Siemens, Vossloh and Salam Industrial Investments group, holding top general management and business development roles with responsibility for international infrastructure projects.

He grew-up in Paris and studied business at the Siemens Academy. When he’s not travelling, he lives with his family in Aquitane, France.

Ingvar Ersson
Chief Operating Officer

Ingvar Ersson is Executive Vice-President, COO and Founder at Jolt. He has over 25 years leadership experience in international operations, having worked in Sweden, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Ingvar has held a wide range of senior management positions at Verbatim (subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical) where he was director of operations for EMEA, including production, supply chain and operational strategy.

Ingvar will lead the complete planning and rollout of Jolt’s international charging infrastructure, including the manufacturing, sourcing and logistic activities.

Roland Gersch
Vice President Technology

Roland Gersch is CTO at Jolt Energy. He is responsible for setting the company’s technology roadmap and ensuring its implementation.

He is a physicist with a deep understanding of the charging software and energy businesses. He has worked at Siemens AG in management consulting and venture management and was CTO at Caterva.

Roland grew-up and studied in Cologne, did his PhD in Stuttgart and lives in Munich with his wife and 3 kids.

Marcus Jentsch
Chief Financial Officer

Marcus Jentsch is a founder and CFO of JOLT. He has 25 years business experience in investment banking and in the power industry, including CFO roles.

Marcus is responsible for all finance, business administration and investor relations activities at JOLT. He has worked for UBS, Lazard, PwC, MVV Energie & juwi AG in the Germany, the UK, Switzerland and the United States, with companies.

Marcus was born in Munich and lives near Frankfurt, Germany

Hans Kurt von Wilmowsky
General Counsel

Hans von Wilmowsky is our General Counsel, Director of Public Affairs and Founder at Jolt. He has over 30 years of experience in legal and financial management. Hans advises the management team on investor strategy, regulatory requirements, intellectual property rights and grant aid. Hans is also deeply involved in our fund-raising activities.

Hans has worked for a range of companies during his career including Deutsche Bank, Sumitomo Bank, Corning, Accor and Volkswagen Group. He is a specialist in both corporate finance and public affairs and is a practicing
lawyer, admitted to the German Bar.

Hans was born in Darmstadt. He has 3 sons, is a fine choral singer and lives with his wife near Munich.