The Future of
Urban Charging


For E-Mobility
Far more power is needed than today

30% of new cars in the EU will be electric by 2025

72% of us live in cities and suburbs,

but there’s not enough power under the streets for charging

New wiring will cause major disruption, take decades and cost billions

JOLT has a plan to bring Fast-Charging Downtown

We’re bringing Fast Charging to European and North American Cities

We’re deploying thousands of fast chargers in cities and suburban areas.
Our chargers are like huge power-packs, allowing us to place them anywhere.
We simply swap them when they’re nearly empty




Swap-charging is all about customer convenience and bringing real fast-charging to drivers in urban areas, without years of planning, permitting and construction delays. Mobile power allows us to create 4 great business opportunities

e-Car Charging

In 2020, JOLT will launch its first European urban fast-charging locations – Please sign-up for our newsletter to keep informed


JOLT works with municipalities, businesses, property and retail site owners who have a need to provide fast-chargers on their sites


Charger-to-Grid services are offered primarily to utility partners. Here we use chargers in a secondary function for grid stabilization

Advertising & Media

Our chargers are fitted with digital signage, allowing us to display localised visual messaging & public awareness information

About JOLT

We’re believers. We’ve worked at major global corporations, lived Automotive, Power Engineering, and IT, but we love the opportunities and challenges of e-Mobility

Our common goal is to enable e-mobility by building, owning, and operating a  fleet of fast-chargers, focused on cities & suburbs


By 2025, one-in-four new EU cars will be electric. This trend is being driven by emissions regulations, the demise of diesel cars and high-tech innovation. We’re embracing this e-Mobility revolution ensuring the infrastructure and enabling-technologies are in place.
We want to guarantee its success. If this sounds like your goal too – get in touch!

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