Ultra-Fast Charging Comes to Hamburg

Munich, 10th of May 2022 – In cooperation with EG Group (Eurogarages), ESSO and ADS-TEC Energy, JOLT is launching its first ultra-fast charging service in Hamburg.

“Hamburg is a key e-mobility hotspot for JOLT,” says CEO Maurice Neligan, “with a high level of EV registrations, Hamburg continues to be a leader of e-mobility in Germany.”

JOLT is deploying a new generation of chargers, developed and manufactured in Germany by ADS-TEC Energy, making charging 100 km in 5 minutes a reality. “These chargers allow ultra-fast charging in areas, which normally wouldn’t come into question due to grid-limitations, thanks to advanced battery-buffered technology,” says Thomas Speidel ADS-TEC’s CEO “It ensures drivers will have more convenient and less time-consuming charging options in the future. “

For this rollout, JOLT has teamed-up with EG Group, which operates approximately 1000 ESSO stations in Germany and more than 6.300 sites across USA, UK, Ireland, Continental Europe and Australia. These stations are being increasingly upgraded to offer drivers a premium customer experience, through interesting grocery, snack and beverage options; and now ultra-fast EV-charging.  “The co-operation with JOLT underlines our commitment to meet our customer needs as well as our efforts to support sustainable mobility. We are excited to partner with JOLT, to provide our customers with convinient, fast charging options.” says Volker Friedemann, Country Manager EG Germany.

The Hamburg location will be followed by a program of launches during the Summer, as JOLT brings ultra-fast charging to many of Germany’s biggest cities.

For press enquiries or co-operations please contact Miriam Laufer, Brand & Marketing Manager at JOLT by e-mail at miriam.laufer@jolt.energy or by phone at + 49 89 74982 424.