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Here you will find press releases related to JOLT’s mission to Bring Fast Charging Downtown

JOLT Established to Solve the Charging Crisis in Cities 6000 4000 JOLT Energy

JOLT Established to Solve the Charging Crisis in Cities

Mid-Atlantic Partners, a Munich & Dublin based promoter of E-Mobility and Autonomous Driving solutions today announced the establishment of JOLT ENERGY.

Headquartered in Dublin with operational headquarters in Munich & later San Francisco, JOLT will build, own and operate a network of rapid-charging stations for e-cars in 100 European and North American cities

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Here you will find all current press releases and news articles relating to JOLT’s mission to bring Fast-Charging Downtown


In the future, we’ll no longer drive to refuel, we’ll refuel where we are. This trend is being driven by emissions regulations, the demise of combustion engine cars and high-tech innovation. We’re embracing this energy transition by ensuring the infrastructure and enabling-technologies are in place.
We want to guarantee its success. If this sounds like your goal too – get in touch!

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