Pataki-Cahill Group and Jolt Energy Group develop urban high-power EV charging for the United States

New York City, Dublin & Munich, February 22, 2021 – Jolt Energy Holdings Limited is delighted to announce the partnership with former New York Governor George E. Pataki and Pataki Cahill Group – the energy and environmental resiliency development firm – to advise and support on the United States market expansion and to bring electric vehicle fast-charging to inner cities.

This important next step signals the commitment of the partners to ensure the availability of convenient and accessible charging alternatives for the transition to e-mobility.

JOLT is moving forward with an aggressive growth plan to be the primary provider of high-power charging in urban areas offering flexible high power charging solutions for business-to-consumer and business-to-business applications.

“We’re very excited and honored to work with Governor Pataki and his team to develop fast charging solutions for U.S. inner cities”, says Maurice Neligan, CEO of JOLT. “We’re just at the beginning of an e-mobility revolution led by TESLA’s pioneering spirit. Pataki Cahill Group’s expertise in developing sustainable energy projects is very important to us. We are grateful that the Governor and his team share our vision. We are committed to deliver solutions for this critical inner city high power charging challenge.”

“We are pleased to support and partner with JOLT. There are exciting new companies and technologies gaining traction in the marketplace every day and JOLT will be a big part of shaping the e-mobility future”, says Governor George Pataki, Chairman of the Pataki Cahill Group.

As Governor, Pataki was recognized nationally and internationally as a leader on environmental and clean energy issues. Under Pataki, New York was a leader in open space preservation protecting over 1 million acres for future generations. Pataki led New York State in adopting strict limits on automobile greenhouse-gas emissions and was a national leader in the effort to promote the development and use of clean energy and renewable energy technologies. Pataki directed the MTA to convert the NYC Transit fleet to clean fuels utilizing hybrid electric and compressed natural gas technologies. Under Pataki New York State developed a fleet of clean fuel vehicles and was the first state government customer for the fuel cell vehicles in the United States.

JOLT Energy Holdings Limited is a cleantech company, founded by a group of former automotive and power engineering managers in 2017. It is leading the way in urban high-power charging, offering grid-stabilizing solutions, which will allow urban drivers to charge their weekly driving needs in 10-15 minutes. JOLT will primarily operate its own urban high-power charging network, while also marketing its Merlin family of chargers to third party operators. Additionally, JOLT is actively working with leading financial, automotive and event management organizations to provide charger rental services to the market.

Pataki-Cahill-Group founded by former New York Governor George E. Pataki and his Chief of Staff/Secretary to the Governor John P. Cahill is a globally active specialized development firm focusing on opportunities related to energy, environmental resiliency, hard assets and water resources. The Pataki-Cahill Group works with innovative start-ups to Fortune 50 companies providing a wide range of services designed to meet any challenge.

For press enquiries or co-operations please contact Miriam Laufer, Brand & Marketing Manager at JOLT by e-mail at or by phone at + 49 89 74982 424 or David Catalfamo, Head of Media Relations at Pataki-Cahill Group by e-mail at or by phone at +1 518 729 0469.