Munich & Ridderkerk, June 5, 2024 – Jolt Energy and Tamoil Netherlands have announced the expansion of high-power charging infrastructure in the Netherlands. The collaboration involves the installation of High Power Charging (HPC) stations at Tamoil stations across the country. Jolt´s innovative approach focuses on urban micro-charging parks with 2 to 4 charging points at high-traffic locations. Achieving high charging speeds of up to 300 kW without grid expansion is possible only with an integrated battery storage system. This also offers the possibility to make a system-relevant contribution to stable grids through functions such as load management, peak shaving, and grid frequency stabilization, and furthermore, to better integrate renewable energies.

In recent months HPC charging stations have been installed at Tamoil stations in cities such as The Hague, Maastricht, Groningen and Eindhoven. The rollout of additional locations will continue throughout the year. Jolt aims to bring fast charging to cities in Germany and the Netherlands through partnerships with site partners like Tamoil. Additionally, Jolt collaborates with various entities such as retail chains, commercial real estate companies, quick service restaurants, and municipalities.

“Our HPC charging service was designed specifically for densely populated areas, where high-power charging would otherwise be impossible due to slow grid expansion. Our technology is particularly suited to the needs of the Dutch market,” explained Maurice Neligan, CEO of Jolt. “With Tamoil as a site partner, we can significantly contribute to helping the Netherlands achieve its climate goals.”

The partnership with Jolt marks the beginning of rapid electrification at Tamoil locations to meet the growing demand for fast-charging options for electric vehicles. The HPC infrastructure, featuring an integrated 200 kWh battery storage, is an excellent solution to quickly and flexibly expand Tamoil’s offerings without the costly and lengthy process of expanding the overloaded Dutch power grid.

With a charging power of up to 300 kW, electric cars can gain over 100 kilometers of range in just five minutes, much faster than conventional AC or DC charging stations. In densely populated areas, space efficiency is another crucial factor. A Jolt HPC station can replace around 15 conventional AC charging stations, saving parking space and providing room for bike paths, sidewalks, and public transport.

About Jolt Energy
Founded in 2018, Jolt Energy, headquartered in Dublin and Munich, provides ultra-fast charging solutions in European and North American cities. With a charging capacity of up to 320 kW, Jolt’s infrastructure can charge vehicles for around 200 km in just ten minutes. The company specializes in developing, financing, and operating charging infrastructure at the intersection of energy production and distribution. Jolt collaborates with various businesses, including gas stations and supermarkets, to bring ultra-fast charging to city centers.

About Tamoil Netherlands

Tamoil has been active in the Dutch fuel market for more than 75 years. It currently operates 230 filling stations in the Netherlands. The company invests in sustainability and is socially involved. For example, Tamoil produces green electricity for its network of stations through the Solar Park XXL in Assen and offers customers sustainable fuels such as CNG and Neste MY Renewable Diesel and electric charging at more and more locations. Tamoil is part of the Oilinvest Group, an oil company with service stations in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands. The head office of Tamoil Nederland B.V. is located in Ridderkerk. 

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