A new generation of electric vehicles have arrived with many more on the way. These new cars have longer ranges and can be charged much faster than previous models. Many automakers have started revealing their new fast-charging models.

Over the next decade most new EU cars will be electric, driven mainly by technical innovation and stringent emissions regulations. At JOLT, we believe the biggest challenge to the public adoption of e-mobility is charging anxiety, particularly in cities and suburbs.

Today, high-power charging these new e-cars in urban areas is very challenging

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Who benefits from JOLT?

JOLT provides a win-win for many of our stakeholders. Cities keep their emissions targets and don’t have to dig up streets – Gas stations keep their customers – Property owners have easy access to high-power chargers.

Retail and businesses reach captive audiences – Drivers have convenient high-power charging – and we can even bring mobile power to large events.

Gas Stations
Car Drivers
Property Developers
Event Organisers


In the future, we’ll no longer drive to refuel, we’ll refuel where we are. This trend is being driven by emissions regulations, the demise of combustion engine cars and high-tech innovation. We’re embracing this energy transition by ensuring the infrastructure and enabling-technologies are in place.
We want to guarantee its success. If this sounds like your goal too – get in touch!

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JOLT is in the process of developing its network of high-power chargers in cities. We are planning to launch our commercial operations in late 2021.

Our chargers will be located primarily in cities and suburbs.

Initially, drivers will be able to charge 100 km in around ten minutes – we will increase this rate with time and as additional e-cars become available.

We are currently negotiating with cities and site partners for JOLT deployments near you. We can keep you informed on deployments in your neighbourhood if you sign up for our JOLT newsletter.

You can also join us on this journey by getting involved as an investor.


Charging-as-a-Service is aimed at partner businesses, organizations and municipalities which have a need for fast-charging on their urban sites.

JOLT, in coordination with the site partner, deploys the chargers at the partner location and takes over the complete operation of the equipment, including customer engagement. Typical customers are cities, retail parks, supermarkets, fast-food restaurants, office complexes, apartment buildings, site owners, car rental sites, electricity utilities, taxi companies and gas station operators.

The advantage of the service is that the partner pays a reasonable monthly subscription and has no worries about hardware costs, planning permits, construction, safety, maintenance or user and charger administration.

Additionally, retail and hospitality partners have a captive audience during the 20 to 40-minute charging time. If you are interested in becoming a partner or getting more information on our Charging-as-a-Service program, please contact us.


Charger-to-Grid services are offered primarily to utility partners for control power.

Both JOLT and the utility partner work together to develop a common project to provide grid stabilization services and urban fast-charging services based on JOLT’s flexible portable fast-charger technology.

Additionally, energy companies tasked with installing EV charging infrastructure have a complete solution for urban fast-charging.

Advertising & Media

Media services is focused on outdoor advertising companies.

JOLT’s chargers include large digital public information displays combined with data connection and GPS, allowing media partners to stream location specific advertising to the individual stations.

Our business is to rent the screen usage to the media partner.

The advantage is that the media partner has a highly reliable infrastructure to transmit
targeted advertising, often on commercial premises, but also on city streets (in agreement with the municipality).

Additionally, JOLT can provide media partners with data analytics through its own IT cloud-based platform (Merlin i.Q.).