Meet MerlinOne – the Urban Fast-Charger of the Future

Meet MerlinOne – the Urban Fast-Charger of the Future 1600 870 JOLT Energy

MerlinOne is our urban swap-charger. Designed to be deployed in cities and suburbs. MerlinOne is the solution to bring fast-charging downtown.

Requiring no grid-connection, this high-powered charger (HPC) is deployed on streets and on commercial sites which are accessible and convenient for e-car drivers.

It can be deployed literally in minutes, compared to 2 years or more for traditional grid based HPCs, due to planning, permitting and construction.

MerlinOne will be able to charge 200 km in about 10 minutes. This is 5 – 10 faster than the standard AC chargers, which you find on the streets of most cities and 20 times faster than plugging into a wall socket!

The unique part of MerlinOne is that it is based on a huge power-pack. When it’s empty, we simply send our nearest JOLT-Truck to pick it up and replace it with a fully charged unit. This means, we always have power where it’s needed and e-car drivers in cities don’t have to worry about charging any longer.

JOLT Bringing Fast-Charging Downtown