Meet the Team: Hans Kurt von Wilmowsky

JOLT is a start-up company with an extensive team background. It’s our dream to remake the e-mobility landscape for the better. Most of our joint team experience comes together from the Automotive, Engineering and Finance industries. Gathered by our mission, we’re working together in a small but mighty team. Here we want to introduce you to the engine behind JOLT.

In a series of blitz interviews, you will meet our team members, who will share their stories and professional background, as well as their motivation for joining JOLT.

First on the hot seat is Hans Kurt von Wilmowsky, our General Counsel and one of JOLT’s Co-founders. Hans is a Lawyer by profession who also studied Economics. He has over 30 years of experience in banking and industry, starting out in investment banking at Deutsche Bank and Sumitomo Bank. He’s been a treasurer for all kinds of industries with a focus on automotive. Here’s how he responded to our blitz questions.

1. Why did you join the JOLT team?

I have known Maurice, JOLT’s CEO, for many years. We’ve been working together at MAN. In early 2018, he invited me for a coffee and gave me a presentation about JOLT – about which I did not know too much up to then. I was, of course, deeply impressed. Later, he asked me if I wanted to join JOLT. The decision took me less than 10 seconds!

2. What is it to work in a dynamic start-up in e-mobility?

In my career, I’ve worked in many different environments including start-ups during the so-called “new economy” (which brought me to Munich by the way). Therefore, I know quite well what it’s like and I have to say I always liked the broader assignment as compared to a large company. Of course, being so close to this new technology and so near the driver’s seat is a great experience for me. My father was an electrical engineer, and he would certainly enjoy that, although very late, I am carrying on the family flame.

3. What is your secret power as a professional?

I think I can build on my long business experience and have good judgment over what is important and what is not. Also, I guess I have a good feeling about how to judge other people and accordingly, how to treat them properly. In general, a large network is very important, and I try to stay in touch with former colleagues as well as broaden my network constantly.

4. If you could look in the future what would the e-mobility sector be like and where do you see JOLT?

According to all forecasts, we are facing a strong increase in e-mobility in the next years. Thus, ultra-fast chargers in densely populated areas are becoming more and more important. Also, the surge in petrol prices should give e-mobility an extra boost. The longer I watch this market the more I am convinced that there is a real bright future for JOLT!