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INVESTMENT Opportunities

As a high growth company within the e-mobility sector, JOLT is raising capital and debt to expand our network throughout Europe and North America

Our international team is actively engaged with hundreds of site partners in multiple countries, as we develop our roadmap for the charging network

During the next years, we will invest tens or even hundreds of millions in the deployment of ultra-fast chargers. We will also continue to invest in R&D to create both revenue diversity and to strengthen our innovative approach to the market


INvestment Benefits

  • Investments in JOLT capitalize on current transformational megatrends
  • Focused on ultra-fast charging in cities means JOLT has a differentiated & unique business model
  • By investing in charging equipment on premium sites means a transparent use of investor funds
  • Our international team is working to build a highly visible site pipeline ensuring predictable growth
  • Recurring revenues from charging ensure a strong financial growth profile
  • JOLT’s experienced international leadership team ensures your investment is well managed
  • Our agile business model has been established to easily react and adapt to market dynamics

Equity Investment

As a private company JOLT works with both private and institutional investors to raise equity for growth and working capital

Investment opportunities are available through common stock of Jolt Energy Holdings Ltd.

The current minimum investment is €25,000

More information is available from our investor relations team

Infrastructure Investment

JOLT plans to deploy around 5,000 ultra-fast urban chargers over the next years, making it one of the largest charge point operators by power

The company is focused on deployments in major cities in Europe and North America

Opportunities are available for investors to finance our premium charging projects in both regions. Each charging project is focused on deploying chargers on the commercial or public sites of one major destination partner.

More information is available from our investor relations steam

BECOME An investor

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