Our Mission

We believe the success of e-mobility will depend on consumer adoption driven by competitively priced e-cars, better model selection, longer driving range and most of all convenient fast-charging options.

Our mission is to bring fast charging downtown, providing easy-to-use and accessible fast-charging for e-cars in major European and North American cities.

We promise to quickly develop our network of urban chargers, giving drivers the security and confidence to embrace e-mobility while ensuring transparency in pricing, locations and availability.

We will protect the environment, operate with integrity, treat our partners and employees well and make our shareholders smile.

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The Facts

  • Conventionally powered cars are history
  • Electric vehicles (EVs) are coming and are constantly improving
  • EVs are getting cheaper and covering longer distances
  • Over 50% of drivers want to be able to charge their EVs in under 30 minutes
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The Challenge

  • 72% of us live & work in densely populated urban areas
  • Where will we charge all these new electric vehicles?
  • Currently common AC chargers are too slow and take longer to get you back on the road
  • Virtually no DC-fast-chargers located in convenient downtown locations
  • Cities do not have the infrastructure to provide scalable fast charging
  • To support the future need for sustainable power, our cities have to be rewired
How can we bring fast-charging downtown in-line EV demand forecasts?

The Challenge

  • 72% of us live & work in densely populated urban areas.
  • Where will we charge all these new Electric Vehicles?
  • Currenly common AC-chargers are too slow and take longer to get you back on the road.
  • Virtually no DC-fast-chargers located in convinient downtown locations.
  • Cities to not have the infrastructure to provide scalable fast charging.
  • To support the future need for sustainable power, our cities have to be rewired.
How can we bring fast-charging downtown in-line EV demand forecasts?

Our Solution

Swap-charging is all about customer convenience and bringing real fast-charging to drivers in urban areas, without years of planning, permitting and construction delays.


Mobile chargers with battery packs

Hot Swapping

We can swap them when they’re empty


No construction or planning delays


Lower cost & fast installation


Convenient to use


We exclusively use green energy

Invest in a cleaner and more sustainable future!

The How (with Merlin)

The Merlin Quick-Charger

Urban Design

Grid independent

No construction

Digital Signage

Logistic concept


Quick and Easy to Use

1 User locates conviniently located JOLT Charging Station.

2 Quick Charging allows 100KM in just 10 minutes!

3 Automatic Payment and charging status via JOLT App

The How


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The Benefits

No Construction Disruption

Fast-Charging in Minutes, not Years

Lower Cost to City or Site Owner

Happy Drivers

Enables E-Mobility

Reduced Emmisions

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Our Plan

Perfect Processes

Secure Financing

Scale up Network

Find out how you can help us bring fast charging downtown and save the planet.

On our way!

  • Team with 200+ years experience in place
  • MerlinOne product introduced to public
  • US management team founded
  • Technical agreement in place with HIAB
  • New corporate office
  • Charger deployment agreement with EG
  • Partnership with former New York Governor George E. Pataki and Pataki-Cahill Group to advise and support JOLT on the US market
  • Agreement with AECOM to deploy ultra-fast charging in major European and North American urban centers

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    In the future, we’ll no longer drive to refuel, we’ll refuel where we are. This trend is being driven by emissions regulations, the demise of combustion engine cars and high-tech innovation. We’re embracing this energy transition by ensuring the infrastructure and enabling-technologies are in place.
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    Maurice Neligan
    Chief Executive Officer

    Maurice Neligan is the Founder and CEO of Jolt Energy. He has 25 years experience in the automotive and power engineering industries, both in North America and Europe.

    Maurice has held a wide range of senior management positions with companies like Siemens, Continental and Volkswagen Groups, holding both P&L positions as well as leading corporate business functions.

    He grew-up in Dublin, Ireland, where he studied economics and business studies at University College, Dublin. He currently lives with his family in Munich, Germany.

    Frank N. Beicken
    Chief Financial Officer

    Frank Beicken is founder and key driver of business development strategy at Jolt Energy. He has over 30 years experience in the electrical engineering industry in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

    Frank has held a wide range of senior management positions with companies like Siemens, Vossloh and Salam Industrial Investments group, holding top general management and business development roles with responsibility for international infrastructure projects.

    He grew-up in Wuppertal, Germany and studied business at the Siemens Academy. When he’s not travelling, he lives with his family in Aquitane, France.

    Ingvar Ersson
    Chief Operating Officer

    Franz is a founder and Chief Technology Officer at Jolt Energy. He has over 30 years experience in engineering and development and is responsible for guiding our hardware development strategy. He has worked in Germany,
    Netherlands, Denmark and India.

    Franz has held senior vice president roles in product and operations management at companies like MTU AeroEngines and Suzlon Energy.

    Franz was born in Germany and lives in Munich.

    Gordon Meyer
    Director, Project Management Office

    Gordon Meyer is founder and Director of the Project Management Office, and is responsible for market intelligence, product specification, go-to-market strategy as well as partner management. He has over 20 years experience in software and technology companies with a global presence.

    Gordon has held senior management positions, as well as highly technical positions, with companies such as ESRI, JDA Software, i2 Technologies and Q-Data in South Africa, Belgium and Germany.

    Gordon was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa. He has a daughter and lives in Munich.

    Lars Berensen
    Director, Business Development

    Lars Berensen is co-founder and Director Business Development at Jolt Energy. Lars has over 27 years experience in the power and gas industry in Europe; he held multiple management positions in ExxonMobil Gas & Power and ExxonMobil Joint Ventures.

    Lars has for ExxonMobil especially the power market responsibility for Germany, United Kingdom and Scandinavia and was for more than 10 years a member of the Federal German Energy Association.

    Lars was born and grew-up in Celle, Germany; he graduated from the Georg-August-University, Göttingen with an MBA degree in business economics. He lives with his wife near Hannover.

    Franz Buckl
    Chief Technology Officer

    Ingvar Ersson is Executive Vice-President, COO and Founder at Jolt. He has over 25 years leadership experience in international operations, having worked in Sweden, the United Kingdom and Germany.

    Ingvar has held a wide range of senior management positions at Verbatim (subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical) where he was director of operations for EMEA, including production, supply chain and operational strategy.

    Ingvar will lead the complete planning and rollout of Jolt’s international charging infrastructure, including the manufacturing, sourcing and logistic activities.

    Ingvar grew-up in Sweden, where he studied business administration. He is a big ice hockey fan and lives with his family near Frankfurt, Germany.

    Gerald Langheck
    Chief Intelligence Officer

    Gerald Langheck is founder and Chief Intelligence Officer at Jolt Energy. He has over 30 years experience in IT roles, including CIO positions, for global companies.

    Gerald is responsible for the Merlin i.Q. platform, data analytics and IT services. He has worked for leading global distribution companies like Ingram Micro, Tech Data and PwC, in Germany and in the USA.

    Gerald was born in Germany and lives in Munich.

    Hans Kurt von Wilmowsky
    General Counsel

    Hans von Wilmowsky is our General Counsel, Director of Public Affairs and Founder at Jolt. He has over 30 years of experience in legal and financial management. Hans advises the management team on investor strategy, regulatory requirements, intellectual property rights and grant aid. Hans is also deeply involved in our fund-raising activities.

    Hans has worked for a range of companies during his career including Deutsche Bank, Sumitomo Bank, Corning, Accor and Volkswagen Group. He is a specialist in both corporate finance and public affairs and is a practicing
    lawyer, admitted to the German Bar.

    Hans was born in Darmstadt. He has 3 sons, is a fine choral singer and lives with his wife near Munich.

    JOLT is in the process of developing its network of fast chargers in cities. We will launch our commercial operations in 2020.

    Our chargers will be located primarily in cities and suburbs providing real DC-charging

    Initially, drivers will be able to charge 100 km in 10 minutes – we will increase this rate with time and as faster charging cars become available.

    We are currently negotiating with cities and partners for JOLT deployments, we can keep you informed on deployments near you by signing-up for our newsletter.

    You can also join us on this journey by getting involved as a small investor


    Charging-as-a-Service is aimed at partner businesses, organizations and municipalities which have a need for fast-charging on their urban sites

    JOLT, in coordination with the site partner, deploys the chargers at the partner location and takes over the complete operation of the equipment, including customer engagement. Typical customers are cities, retail parks, supermarkets, fast-food restaurants, office complexes, apartment buildings, site owners, car rental sites, taxi companies and gas station operators.

    The advantage of the service is that the partner pays a reasonable monthly subscription and has no worries about hardware costs, planning permits, construction, safety, maintenance or user and charger administration

    Additionally, retail and hospitality partners have a captive audience during the 20 to 40-minute charging time. If you are interested in becoming a partner or getting more information on our Charging-as-a-Service program, please contact us


    Charger-to-Grid services are offered primarily to utility partners for control power

    Both JOLT and the utility partner work together to develop a common project to provide grid stabilization services and urban fast-charging services based on JOLT’s flexible portable fast-charger technology

    In principle, as part of an overall pool, JOLT operates the chargers in urban areas to fast-charge electric vehicles. When the battery-storage based chargers are returned to our energy center for recharging, they are taken-over by the utility for both recharging and to be used for purposes of grid-stabilization.

    The advantage to the utility is having access to a revolving supply of full-to empty batteries, giving the utility significant flexibility to undertake energy services including primary control energy operation

    Additionally, energy companies tasked with installing EV charging infrastructure have a complete solution for urban fast-charging

    Advertising & Media

    Media services is focused on outdoor advertising companies

    JOLT’s chargers include large digital public information displays combined with data connection and GPS, allowing media partners to stream location specific advertising to the individual stations

    Our business is to rent the screen usage to the media partner

    The advantage is that the media partner has a highly reliable infrastructure to transmit
    targeted advertising, often on commercial premises, but also on city streets (in agreement with the municipality)

    Additionally, JOLT can provide media partners with data analytics through its own IT cloud-based platform (Merlin i.Q.)